Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Line


My followers, my friends. I have something amazing to show you that is ..amazing. The picture above is nothing other than MY LINE. My line has been there for me through the best times and the worst times. My love, my savior. Not many of you would know the warmth and compassion that a line can give but I can definitely tell you that it is so amazing. But to those who have had a line for a lover.. Have you ever considered getting a circle?

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Another blog? - Unknown talent..


Hey guys!
Sorry to say, but theres no funny photo story today. But I have something else to share with you! None of you know that I am a skilled graphic designer ##For real!## and I have created a blog showcasing some of my art. Every day I will try to post a piece of my art work that I have made on that day. So if you are interested in that, why not follow it? Heres something I recently made.
Some sort of webdesign.. Not to sure yet.

And another.
Something done for design in school

But YEAH. If you are interested.. Heres the link :)

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Neighbor Tom


First off, Id like to apologize for not posting in a few days, I have been busy with school work. Maybe I can show you what I have been doing if you are interested?
Anyways, this is my neighbor, his name is Tom. You can call me a bit of a stalker if you like because I found this picture of him on OkCupid. It's only because I Googled his name Alright.. I'm not that creepy as to search him up on online dating sites. I have a story I would like to share about Tom.
One evening my friend was over and we were playing with our bbguns.. I'm not sure if you have them where you are from, but basically they are air powered guns (or spring powered in this case) that shoot plastic balls, I know.. they sound lame right? So we were shooting at each other with these bbguns out side my house and we managed to shoot at his garage door a few times on accident. Whoops. He came out in a RAGE.. fully shouting at us telling us we were trying to destroy his property and that he should call the police. We just looked at each other and wondered when we was going to stop talking so we could start shooting one another again. Eventually he did, but we went in my back yard to avoid another rage session.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Drunk Punk


I must confess.. I found this picture on my friends facebook account. But I can assure you, the drunken madman is him. He is indeed an alcoholic but a funny one. He will find anything and make it funny. Like this woman's but crack (I have blanked it out though, that's rude!)Terry is his name by the way. He once found road kill and cooked it up for dinner. I'm not sure if it was doing it because he knew it would make us laugh, or he was hungry and didn't have any money for some REAL food.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011



So I was walking in the forest, as any normal person would do and I came across a Ralphachu! (Pikachu+Ralph) It was so beautiful with it's short yellow fur and Ralph face. I am happy to say, I caught it with my one and only master ball. He did put up a good fight though! I had to beat him a few times with my baseball bat to weaken him.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Other Cat


Do you guys remember my ginger muscle cat? This is my un-muscle cat. As you can see, he has very small and weak arms compared to my other one. It's funny watching them fight, because the ginger one always wins. One time the ginger one, whos name is Storm ripped one of this ones arms off. His name is Ralph by the way. Ralph wasnt too happy about this and ran away for 5 weeks, like my dog did. But Hes back now. And I have Sellotaped his arm back on.

By the way! I saw how much you guys loved the post about my cousin with nutella on his face. So I was thinking.. How about I make a post about me.. with peanut butter on by face. But not that crappy smooth stuff, the crunchy kind. How about it?

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My nutella cousin


In my last post I said something about my cousin giving me a bag with a man on it. Here he is. Aside from being completely weird, he is actually kind of cool. He took this photo of himself with nutella smeared all over his face. I'm not sure what he is trying to do though. Maybe he is trying to become a nutella god. Actually yes! I remember now, he sent that picture into the nutella kingdom and got accepted at a nutella citizen. What a wonderful dat that was.

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